Špindlerův Mlýn – přehrada Labská
Route lenght 7 km

From Staročeská hospoda in the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn follow the green markers – past the Tabulové boudy chalets (750 m a.s.l.) – to the embankment of the Elbe Dam (700 m a.s.l.) – cross the embankment – continue following the blue tourist markers – cross the road and turn left to the Arnika hotel – above the Arnika join the green markers (775 m a.s.l.) – then continues on the right past the Krausovy boudy (Labská) chalets – to the Labská Vyhlídka viewpoint (810 m a.s.l.) – then on following the green markers past the Lesana hotel – back to Špindlerův Mlýn

Through the White Elbe Valley
Route lenght 10 km

From the white bridge in the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn – follow the blue markers – upstream along the Elbe – past the cable car to Medvědín – to the KRNAP cabin – then right towards Dívčí lávky (780 m a.s.l.) – along Weberová cesta – to the U Bílého Labe chalet – then on following the yellow markers – back to Špindlerův Mlýn

Chalets of Špindlerův Mlýn
Route lenght 12 km

Take the bus from the bus station to the Špindlerova Bouda chalet (1198 m a.s.l.) – follow the red markers to the Petrova Bouda chalet (1338 m a.s.l.) – Maiden Rocks and Man Rocks – pass above Martinovka – at the signpost take the blue route to the Martinová Bouda chalet (1 259 m a.s.l.) – Brádlerovy (Fučíkovy) Boudy (1 063 m a.s.l.) – follow the yellow markers to the Medvědí boudy chalets (1 075 m a.s.l.) – then take the blue route to the Davidovy boudy chalets (1 025 m a.s.l.) – follow the yellow markers towards Dívčí lávky – on the way to Dívčí lávky you can stop at the stone Fortress (1012 m a.s.l.) – from Dívčí lávky take the blue route past the Myslivna restaurant back to the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn

Špindlerův Mlýn – Horní Mísečky
Route lenght 6,5km

From Špindlerův Mlýn from the white bridge – blue tourist markers upstream along the river Elbe – cable car Medvědín – cable car to the top station of Medvědín (1 235 m a.s.l.) – Šmídova vyhlídka viewpoint (panoramic view of the Krkonoše Mountains), yellow tourist markers – then take the red route towards Horní Mísečky – Horní Mísečky (1000 m a.s.l.)